Advertisements across Europe

These are just a few of the wild and crazy adversitements we say in Europe. If something out of the ordnary appeared, I took a picture of it. Some are very funny, while others are very riske. Judge for yourself.

This was on the curved walls of a metro station in Paris.

This was on the side of a bus stop in Paris. In case you didn't figure it out, it's an advertisement for a perfume named Opium. Viva La Differance!
dsc00073.jpg dsc00074.jpg

Even in a train station in Germany you can find the refreshing taste of Coca Cola!

This was on a movie markee above a theater. Name that movie!

Even in Germany, you can always find fast food.

These next set of pictures are from the walk way to the lower levels of the metro in Germany. Looks kinda familier (think "Tomb Raider")?
dsc00176.jpg dsc00177.jpg dsc00178.jpg dsc00179.jpg

Even in the Netherlands, you can always find fast food.

Who'd a thought a camel could be so much fun?
dsc00204.jpg dsc00220.jpg

I actually saw a McDonalds in Paris (and successfully order two large sodas from there in french (Coca Cola & Coca Cola light). But, I forget to get a picture of the front. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to go back there again ;-)