Scribbles from your fellow students

This was one of our school newspapers, written by the 7th graders. The newspapers were generated infrequently, usually because students didn't have all that much extra-curricular time to devote to it. At the time, I was in 6th grade, so the writers of this paper where considdered "seniors" by the rest of us. It gives you a flavor for the kind of imagination these people had to be able to generate something like this. The results were "ditto" copied (gotta love that alcohol-based transfer process (sniff! ahh!)) for each student in the upper grades.

I've scanned these in as a way of preserving them. Since they are 20+ years old, they aren't in the best of condition. But, being they were dittos in the first place, they weren't the best of quality to begin with and whoever made the copies didn't take all that much care to get the page exactly right. So I worked with what I had. In order to get them to scan, I ended up having to tweak the image intensity qualities to optimize for blue (since dittos were typically purple, this worked out well). Even so, there were some pages which the scanner just couldn't do much with, but you can make out most of the words and drawings and kinda guess at the rest. Most of the pages are signed.

Click on each picture to get the full sized image.

Warning! These jpeg images are hugh (3400x4394 res, 24-bit color, scanned at 400dpi) and range in size from 512k to over 1Mb in size. The original PNM images were each 42.7Mb in size. If you really want to play with the original images, let me know and I'll make them available to ya.

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