Why is this Web Page here?

It all started one day when someone in our circle of college friends chanced apon an intriguing little game in the local games and entertainment store. The game was called "Murder Mystery" (fun for you and a group of friends). Well, this page is devoted to our latest Murder Mystery: The Good, The Bad and The Guilty.


At the end of this page is the solution to this "Murder Mystery", so if you don't want to learn who dunnit, read no further!

The Good, The Bad and The Guilty

Someone had been murdered. Judge Waylen Payne was lying dead in his office, bullet holes all over the place (and a few in the Judge too). Marshal R. I. Pilgrim corraled the eight of us into this room and said one of us was the murderer. Unless we could figure out which of us did it, we all were going to swing in the gallows waiting just outside. (Talk about incentive).

These are the people. One of them did it... but which one?!

The Malificent Seven plus One Same bunch, different pose

A Desperate bunch of Outlaws if I ever did see one!

Dee Adela Muerte

Dear, sweet Dee Adela Muerte (or "Day of the Dead" to her husbands)

Chief Breaking Wind

Hail to the Chef, er, I mean "Chief"!

Butch Chastity

Butch Chastity, but where's the Sundance Kid? I'll bet he's off stewing somewhere...

Peter Elvis Swagerin

Peter Elvis "Friends call me PEllllllllvis!" Swagerin. He's the Cowboys' Cowboy ... You know, "When men were men and sheep were scared" ...

same Cowboy, different pose

... Did I mention he's the Cowboys' Cowboy?

Helena Handcart same broad, different pose

Helena Handcart. After giving birth to thirteen boys, you'd want to run around in nothing but a corset, waving a hatchet too (I know P'Elvis would!)

Eric (still in getup?)

Elias (mumble), not bad for a one-eyed runt, eh?

Adela and Elvira

Adela and Elvira. Two ladies in waiting? (Hmm.. funny, this doesn't look like the Pigeon Ranch!)

Breaking Wind, Butch, Elias and P'Elvis

Chief Breaking Wind, Butch Chastity, Elias (mumble) and P'Elvis. Now, what the heck could these four be talking about!? Probably dental hygiene..."

Butch and Elias

Butch and Elias... Sharing an intimate moment?

P'Elvis and Elias

I bet he wouldn't even shoot!

Wyatt and P'Elvis

Well, if you were stupid enough to have your horse standing where I couldn't possibly hit it, what did you expect?!

Three Dog Night?

The evenings entertainment: The Three Dog Night! (Their act was something to howl about!)

J.P. McGowan

Say, is that Billy the Kid?

Carrie and Linda, sans costume

Carrie (sans costume) and Linda (still decked out) (funny, this still doesn't look like the Pigeon Ranch ;-)

Eric and Peter (non-Elvis)

Oh heck, my antennae are showing again!

Food, glorious Food!

Food, glorious Food! (Shoot, I should have taken a picture of the evening meal too!)

Fred's head... Fred's head again...

Well, this should have been a picture of Fred's face, but well, the shutter's a little slow reacting... Maybe the next shot will turn out better... Or, maybe not... It just looks goofy to me...

Master and Faithful Companion (Willie and Jay)

Awwww! The Master and Man's Best Friend. You decide who's who.

Peter (still non-Elvis)

I swear, this wasn't a staged shot! Honest!

Same goofball, different pose

You know, without the vest, he kinda looks like a pirate... or maybe a peasant?

Peter and Shelly

Just giving the camera a tongue lashing.

Shelly ('one more picture of me and I'll break the camera!')

I think Shelly didn't want her picture taken anymore...

Terry and tights

Terry with someone's tights...


In the end, it was Elvira who did the dirty deed. She wanted the Gold and though the Judge had taken it. Besides, she was the head of the Malificent Seven and the Judge surely would have seen her swing from the gallow for her crimes.

But then, we all were guilty of trying to kill the Judge. She was just the lucky one.

BTW, if you can think of better captions, comments (or corrections) for the various pictures, send them to me at doctor@fruitbat.org.